Old Arbat Street


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Arbatskaya, Smolenskaya
Two steps, two seconds!

In Moscow there are a lot of old streets with a rich history, but Old Arbat Street stand out among them. It’s not just a street; it’s a special world, a city in the city, the iconic street of the Russian capital. Getting on the Old Arbat Street you immediately fall into a fairy-tale world, where there is a place for everyone. Here you will find hundreds of street artists, musicians and actors who have chosen this place for their work. There are numerous restaurants, boutiques, souvenir shops, and entertainment venues. In the Old Arbat Street you can also find Pushkin Memorial apartment, the house-museum of Mikhail Lermontov and the house-museum of Marina Tsvetaeva, a monument to Bulat Okudzhava, wall memory of Viktor Tsoi.